shopAbout Bren Corn 

This painter reflects an American spirit while continually tapping in to her European roots.  The energy remains focused and progressive, making this artist infectious. Drive consists of many components and moods,  but abstracting life from her environment remains a constant.  She is a grounded individual who is respectful of, and loyal to personal beliefs. This awareness translates into a deep understanding of self,  and ultimately defines a style of evolutionary work.  

Corns current compilations are juxtaposed compositions of the beautiful mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado.  In the interim, she commissions complex characters,  exquisite cities, the interpretation of current events,  and places from around the world.

Bren has been raising her 3 children in the Gunnison Valley for over 25 years.

Paintings to cause for 

There is a Mission…  More to come…